CNC Turning

Turning is a machining process that guides fixed tools in an X and Z axis to remove material from round, or hexagonal bar to produce complex shapes.


CNC, or computer numeric control, means that a machines motion is controlled using coding. These codes are generated either manually for basic turning or by using CAM software for more complex shapes and roughing cycles.


CAM stands for computer aided manufacturing


Our CNC turning centres are designed to work with various materials like steels and plastics with the power and ability to complete jobs fast and reliably.


Programs can be saved so the same part can be made over and over again.


The turning process creates cylindrical parts by rotating rod stock while a tool is moved against the part to remove material.


Typical turning operations include facing, roughing, grooving, boring, threading, drilling and tapping.


A finishing operation is then used to achieve the desired size and surface finish.


Our CNC Turning Machines


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